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Anatomy of a good anti-aging cream – P. 14

If all women reasoned the same way, all you’d have to do is come up with the perfect anti-aging product, and they’d all embrace it. But that would be too easy… Each woman has her own concept of the ideal product, which must of course meet her expectations in terms of...

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Fear of the great chill – P. 20

Fear of the great chill – P. 20

In recent years, a new trend has been emerging, blurring the line between cosmetics and food to the point where new expressions are needed, which is why we are hearing more and more about “edible cosmetics” and “cosmetofood”. This reveals an understanding of the key role...

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Men’s product… that do a lot of good

MEN’S PRODUCTS... THAT DO A LOT OF GOOD! While we can still find the time and patience to pamper ourselves daily, men are looking for products that deliver a quick fix. No fuss no muss, no endless rituals, just tangible results…and they want it now! Their faves? Easy-to-use...

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La technologie Volufirming

La technologie Volufirming

ARCHITECTURE DU TISSU ÉLASTIQUE  ET SI L'ON POUVAIT DÉFIER LES LOIS DE LA GRAVITÉ? Par Magda Bernath, Chef de marque -Vivescence Voyage dans la structure de la peau Qu'on le veuille ou non, arrive un matin où l'on constate un relâchement cutané. Ce matin où l'on...

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